Parking Lot Sealing for Your Toronto Business

Parking lot sealing is an excellent method to preserve the life of your pavement in Toronto.
Asphalt installation is an expensive investment that needs to be protected. Seal coating is a relatively inexpensive way to protect that investment. Sealing your pavement slows down the aging process of your parking lot by adding a water soluble layer on top of the asphalt. This sealant reduces the amount of wear and tear on the pavement.
Every time a vehicle drives over a parking lot, its tires cause small abrasions on the pavement. This causes a small amount of the asphalt to adhere to the tires and suddenly your customers are driving off with your pavement. Over time, this wears down the surface of the parking lot, which is one of the reasons why asphalt changes from jet-black when it is brand new to dull-gray when it is worn down.
Parking lots sealing keeps your Toronto pavement safe and attractive for many years.
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Parking Lot Sealing is Important for Your GTA Business

There are a lot of decisions that need to be made when running a business. This includes the first impression you make with a customer. The exterior appearance of your business is the initial contact point with a client and makes an enormous statement about your company to visitors. Having a parking lot that has cracks, potholes, or faded traffic lines may give the impression that you do not care for appearance or even safety. However, a sleek looking, jet black parking lot is eye catching and shows the quality of your company.

Customer Care

Your parking lot is a welcome mat to your business. Customers drive on to the asphalt leading up to your door, so keep that pavement smooth for visitors. Driving over uneven asphalt causes damage to vehicles, creating liability issues for you. However by sealing the pavement, you reduce the amount of moisture that gets absorbed by the porous surface, which in turn decreases the number of cracks that may form. This is especially true in spring and winter, when the asphalt repeatedly freezes and thaws.

Sealing the pavement of your GTA business is a preventative measure that keeps your parking lot in optimal shape. Contact Sure-Seal Pavement Maintenance Inc to see how you can get the highest R.O.I. out of your asphalt and beautify your property.

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